36+ Medium Afro Hairstyle Men

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36+ Medium Afro Hairstyle Men. We've compiled some of our favorites in this image. Getting and styling the best afro hairstyles for men shouldn't be a tedious search.

Curly Hairstyles for Black Men, Black Guy Curly Haircuts (September 2020)
Curly Hairstyles for Black Men, Black Guy Curly Haircuts (September 2020) from africanamericanhairstyling.com
Hairstyles for black men stand out with their uniqueness and incomparable looks that only black hair texture provides. Afro hair is more prone to breakage, so excessive washing can dry the hair out too much and disrupt the natural oil. As the name suggests, it combines the idea of an afro there are more than enough medium hairstyles for black men that you can choose from.

A simple short afro haircut is a very practical style that doesn't require a lot of products or styling every morning.

Burst fade and beard by barber vic. Tight coils is another medium length hairstyle and is the one that will make you spend the most time in a salon. Straight, wavy, curled, braided or in a weave, whatever fashion you fancy using afro hair means that you may change this up in moments. The tighter the curl, the bigger the need for consistent moisture from root to tip.